Beaver Bank-Monarch Drive Elementary

Community Report

Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementary School                 2014-15 Community Report

At Beaver Bank Monarch we are committed to improved student learning.  The information table above outlines the successes & challenges of our students on HRSB and Provincial assessments for the 2014-2015 school year.  This year we are in the second year of our CSI plan but the first year of implementation.  Our work for the year involved PD and a focus on strategies to improve our students’ achievement in the areas of Literacy - reading comprehension and Math – problem solving.   
Examination of the table above provides opportunities to recognize that the work we are doing is having an impact and that our students are experiencing success in their everyday learning.  In the area of literacy, we see that our students are experiencing success in reading and we are pleased to see that we are at or above the overall results of students in the Board.  It is evident that the work we are doing is having an impact as our results for reading in both grades 3 & 6 have improved from last year.   In the area of writing, we are concerned about the decline in our students’ results in almost all areas as well as a decline in student achievement from grade 3 to 6.   This will need to be an area of focus for our writer’s workshops coupled with the work we are doing with our CSI literacy goal of improving comprehension.     An area of concern continues to be in our students’ ability to use appropriate conventions.  Teachers will need to continue to reflect on their own practice in their Professional Learning Communities and during professional development on how we can ensure students know that our reader’s and writer’s workshops are delivered with strong instruction.   The new grade P-3 curriculum with a greater focus on literacy will facilitate this work. 
In the area of mathematics, teachers continue to go deeper into the math curriculum that was rolled out for P-6 over the past two years.  The new curriculum allows for teachers to focus more time on skills and building independence within their students as they work through their math expectations.  This work is reflected in our results this year where we see a great improvement in our grade 4 classes of almost 20% - from 67% meeting expectations last year to 87% this year.  We are also pleased to see that this improvement continues in our grade 6 classes with a marked improvement there as well.    We will continue to focus on our CSI goal of problem solving and helping students to use the “Three Read Strategy” to pull apart math problems and gather important information and strategies to arrive not only at the right answer but to able to communicate how they arrived at this answer. 
As always, we will work our plans around supporting all our students to experience success each day.